The capabilities of the parser

Parser Content Downloader X1 — is the powerful, versatile and professional content parser. According to the developer, the Content Downloader designed «to parse any information from any websites, the program will get the data where at all possible».

Parser Content Downloader is used to parse:

– products from online stores in a CSV table (columns in tables are configured to suit the desired parameters);
– texts, articles, descriptions;
– photos, pictures, images on computer;
– files (for example, parsing flash games, essays, torrents);
– contact information: e-mail, phone number, address, Skype, etc. (save the received data in TXT or HTML, or CSV formats to choose from);
– latent (hidden) information that becomes visible only after performing an action (e.g. clicking on «show number» or «show contact information» this function is only available in the ULTIMATE license);
– the data that is available only after user authorization on the website;
– links from the site on specified parameters and filters;
– separate parts of the code pages of the WEB-document (saving data in any format You need);
– XML site map.

And it’s not all what’s this parser knows which to do!

The table below describes the differences between the various types of licenses of the parser Content Downloader X1 and our price with 20% discount.


  • price from author - 2000 RUR
  • minimal version
  • up to 5 streams scanning
  • up to 5 streams parsing
  • 1 year updates


  • price from author - 2500 RUR
  • standard version
  • up to 20 streams scanning
  • up to 20 streams parsing
  • 1 year updates


  • price from author - 3000 RUR
  • professional version
  • up to 200 streams scanning
  • up to 50 streams parsing
  • 2 years of updates
  • + WBApp (human emulator)
  • + powerful macros parsing

Work Content Downloader is based on the principle of «simple, convenient, efficient»: You specify in the code HTML page border parsing the desired data, choose in what format to save the results and get the result.

The program has many additional features:

– multithreading (as when parsing data, and when scanning of the site);
– authorization by passing cookies from Internet Explorer or via POST requests;
– you can specify any type of cookies for authorization;
– you can specify any User Agent and even modify them directly during parsing;
– using the proxy list and SOCKS;
– setting the value of pauses between requests and changing the number of threads parsing;
– processing the received data simultaneously with the parsing process;
– download obtained by parsing images and files directly to Your server via FTP;
– the parsing at the same time a large number of characteristics of the goods from the online store (this feature is only available in the ULTIMATE license);
– send obtained by parsing the data directly into Your MySQL database;
– connecting a custom PHP script to process received when parsing data;
– parsing through Internet Explorer (DOM) (with a simultaneous ability to perform the various scripts);
– saving the received data in separate files and in one;
– parsing data in such encodings: UTF-8, WINDOWS-1251, KOI;
– the stored data formats: CSV, TXT, HTM, PHP, MySQL;
– preservation of content in these encodings: UTF-8 or UTF-8 without BOM, WINDOWS-1251;
– generate an XML import file for WordPress CMS (for automatic download sparsing data from TXT and HTM files from Your computer to Your website);
– and much more :)

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Price from author

  • Content Downloader X1powerful and versatile parser of content

Our price

  • Content Downloader X1powerful and versatile parser of content

The price of other

  • Content Downloader X1powerful and versatile parser of content

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Download demo-version and test the capabilities of the parser

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How to buy the parser with 20% discount and pay?

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